College Park Animal Hospital - Misdiagnosis, hostile treatment

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One of their vets received a letter of censure from the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners for his "failure to identify" my cat Smokey's heart condition. This vet took courses at the regional levels to improve his ability "to read radiographs and ultrasounds," according the the letter I received dated October 29th 2009.

When my pet's heart condition was missed, causing suffering and mostly likely an untimely death, I confronted the owner of the hospital, Thomas McMichael about the substandard care. Instead of owning up to the mistakes of his staff member, McMichael gave evasive and untruthful explanations and eventually became nasty. He also banned me and three other members of my family from walking homeless dogs, boarded 24/7 by a rescue group we used to volunteer for in cages with no outside runs. We were their only source of walks and socialization at the time, and Dr.

McMichael deprived them of that because he was angry at me for confronting him about his staff's medical errors. In addition, this business owner has contacted several review sites to have my and my family members' reviews removed. He consistently removes our reviews from Insiderpages.

That's quite a solution to the the problem of medical errors! Horrible experience.

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You can sue for malpractice.

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